Data acquisition

Data acquisition

Our acquisition capabilities have continuously improved from the first ever CSEM survey in the year 2000 offshore Angola.

Today we offer 3 different types of sources designed for shallow and deep water. Our vessels have a receiver capacity of more than 200 nodes. We are world leading on EM acquisition experience with closer to 1000 surveys acquired, source towing corresponding to a distance almost 6 times around the equator, and receiver deployment exceeding 60,000 drops and recoveries. 

Although we believe we have the best-performing source and receivers, we are constantly striving to improve our equipment, independently and through joint-industry projects. Efficiency is important to us and we perform on-board data processing and quality control (QC). Scale of operations is supported by our purpose-built EM vessels which are designed to handle large numbers of receivers efficiently. Our electric dipole sources operate continuously and reliably for very long periods without impact on the marine environment.

Our first rate crews have unmatched marine EM operational experience. All our equipment is calibrated before and after deployment and is scrupulously maintained on board in state-of-the-art workshops. We conduct each project in close cooperation with our customers so that we design and implement the best acquisition solution for your needs.

Prior to acquisition, we perform sensitivity studies and tailor-make survey designs to meet our client’s objectives.  We perform both 2D and 3D acquisition, collecting both CSEM and MT data.