Data Processing and Imaging

Data Processing and Imaging

“Aurora”, EMGS’ high capacity cluster.

Results for the customer in record time

From 2D line surveys to 3D EM surveys, the data volumes required to deliver the best results for our customers have grown. Processing power for EMGS‘s HPC cluster is achieved through an assembly of 5000 CPU cores, allowing us to process vast amounts of data from our vessels in record time.

Experienced specialists use proprietary software to perform on-board quality control and processing. On-board processing ensures that you get optimal data quality and rapid delivery of first-look results.

Onshore processing and inversion

  • Data conditioning and QC prior to inversion
  • Our proprietary inversion software can handle any survey layout, so we can image the subsurface resistivity distribution from both CSEM and MT data acquired.
  • 3D inversion reconstructs 3D resistivity models by taking full advantage of the combined resolving power of inline and broadside data
  • Post inversion studies comprising geologic scenario tests and sensitivity analysis for improved subsurface understanding