Interpretations & Integration services

Interpretations & Integration services

Interpreting EM data and integrating the data with seismic and well data is key to unlocking the full value of EM.

We have skilled interpretation advisors with many years of exploration experience. They can carry out complete interpretation and integration projects or act as advisor for your own interpretation team. We have advanced quantitative workflows and software where integration of seismic, CSEM and well data de-risk your prospect with respect to size, location of fluid contact and pay thickness prediction.

Our team of skilled EM geophysicists, with in-depth EM technical and geophysical experience, help you understand the resistivity information, its uncertainties, and establish confidence in the observations. Our Interpretation Advisors, with a wealth of oil company exploration experience, understand your exploration challenges and can work with you to provide effective solutions. They will help you make robust and reliable interpretations and predictions from the CSEM information.


  • Consultancy by skilled EM geophysicists and Interpretation Advisors
  • Updated geological understanding
  • Prospect risk and volume estimates
  • Interpretation report