Imaging and interpretation

Imaging and interpretation

EMGS offers a range of inversion products and interpretation services for EM data to maximize the value of EM data.

The CSEM inversion problem is very much alike the seismic full waveform inversion (FWI) problem and is solved in a similar manner. Our new generation inversion technologies, 3D Gauss-Newton inversion and 3D TTI inversion, define a step change in imaging quality. This increases interpretation confidence significantly.

Our services are combined into the EMGS Exploration Solution, a 4-stage workflow addressing client specific exploration challenges. EM imaging and interpretation methods are used in an interdisciplinary approach where CSEM experts and interpreters work hand in hand. The Exploration Solution produces an updated geological understanding of the studied acreage in the form of revised risk and/or volume assessments for existing prospects or identification of potential upside and new leads.

In stage 1, our EM experts execute 3D inversion on high-performance computing clusters. This provides a data driven, robust and reliable resistivity earth volume. Stage 2 and 3 define the integrated interpretation where resistive anomalies are identified and correlated to seismic observations in an interpretation workstation. Interpretation uncertainties are tested through modelling and synthetic data inversion studies challenging existing geological and reservoir models. Inversion with a priori information can be used to improve the imaging resolution. Stage 4 meets the exploration challenge by providing an update on prospect risk and volume based on the outcome of the integrated interpretation. The EMGS Exploration Solution provides an improved prospect and portfolio assessment and therefore helps to drill less unsuccessful wells and reduces the finding costs per barrel.

EMGS Exploration solution